Monday, February 4, 2013

Allen Moore is fast

Day 3 of the Yukon Quest, and Allen Moore is consistently running the fastest times between checkpoints.  He has, in fact, been the fastest into each checkpoint so far (spreadsheet here).  You can also see it in the race flow chart if you look carefully.  So how's Hugh keeping up?  Well, for one thing he's spending far less time in checkpoints.  He only stopped briefly in Braeburn and took his mandatory 4 in Carmacks, while Allen took his mandatory 4 in Braeburn but also spent nearly 5 hours in Carmacks.  Hugh spent only 21 minutes in Pelly and Allen appears to have spent about 7 hours there (the website leaderboard isn't updated, but we can see his movement on the tracker).

So the obvious question is: is Hugh spending a lot of time resting on the trail?  It would account for his slower runtimes between checkpoints.  Unfortunately he's having a lot of tracker outages so it's hard to say for sure.  While when his tracker's working it shows him moving consistently, there are enough outages to think we're not seeing some stops.  On the other hand his longest outage is only three hours, so even if he's camping during the outages he's not camping much.

Speaking of trackers, I just learned yesterday that Trackleaders names their devices.  For example, Rob Cooke's tracker is named "Olive," and apparently she's a good, reliable performer (and we've seen relatively little outage from his tracker).  Trackleaders has a good working relationship with the SPOT manufacturers and were able to get more reliable, upgraded GPS chips installed in the existing SPOT 2 chassis, but there still have been a lot of outages so far during this race.  Trackleaders and the race management are working hard to figure out what's causing them.  There are several ideas about it but so far the best guess seems to be the metal mounting plates that were attached to sleds at the vet checks.

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  1. Hi Melinda, I think the data for Hugh has been pretty good. There can be gaps in GPS but if the team does not stop during that time the slope in race flow does not change. See Jake's tracker after he into McCabe. It cuts out and only comes back on when he's into Pelly. Note the slope is lower. It's not that his speed is lower from McCabe to Pelly. It means he stayed at McCabe longer while the tracker was not working. So I just take an average slope back from Pelly to McCabe and you get around 4:30 am departure from McCabe.

    Getting back to Hugh. He rested 3:20 on the trail to Braeburn, then his Mandatory in Carmacks, McCabe for 2:40 and SStone for 3:11. Not a lot of rest.