Monday, January 21, 2013

The Kusko

I have to apologize for not following the Kusko very closely.  We've got an IETF meeting coming up in six weeks and I'm juggling a big pile of documents (it keeps the dogs in kibble, and it's really interesting work).  So, I've been kind of distracted.  A couple of things to highlight, nevertheless:

  • About mid-way through the race one of the people handling their social media posted to their Facebook page that Rohn Buser was closing on Jeff King.  It was clear from the Trackleaders race flow chart that Jeff was actually opening up the gap on Rohn.  That race flow chart is a terrific tool.  I'd really like to see Trackleaders beef that up a bit, allowing us to choose which teams are shown on the chart, for example.
  • I think people may not have noticed that there's a replay button on the race tracking page, right under the map:

  • I have to confess that I don't think that the replay provides information that helps us understand the race better, but it does help capture some of the immediacy of the race as you watch teams pass and be passed, take breaks, and (of course) get lost.  I'd be extremely interested in what you all think about it.
  • I did start keeping my own spreadsheet on the race using the suggestions that Chris outlined here.  But as I looked at the Kusko leaderboard it was clear that they were using a spreadsheet, using it well, and producing results that we can feel confident about.  Best guess is that they were using Microsoft Excel and exporting HTML from it.
  • Nevertheless I do want to go back to the Copper Basin data and figure out what we can figure out about the race using some other visualizations.
  • Congratulations and much respect to Jeff King, who ran an excellent race.
Northern Lights 300 this weekend, people!  I'm really looking forward to it.  A sneak peek at how they're planning on presenting the data looks very promising.  So many Alaska races have had to cancel  or postpone this year because of poor trail conditions, which makes the ones that do come off all the more special, and all the more competitive.

[Yukon Quest is around the corner, too.  My consultancy is proud to sponsor a finisher bib.]

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