Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yukon Quest media coverage

The Yukon Quest is hands-down my favorite event in Alaska.  It's hard to believe that it starts in a week, but it does!  February 2nd.

Preparations are starting to get serious.  Up until now there's been a massive amount of working being done in the two offices (Fairbanks and Whitehorse) and by volunteers, but the public face has been fundraising and social events.  Last weekend, though, was food drop day and today was vet checks.  (Today was also the day that volunteers installed newly-designed SPOT tracker mounts on sleds; I'll have more on that later).  A week from today teams leave Whitehorse, drop onto the Yukon River, and start the thousand-mile run to Fairbanks.

So, media coverage.  It's started.  This post from last year is still pretty accurate, I think. In addition to those usual resources  Emily Schwing has started her coverage of the race on the Fairbanks public radio station, KUAC.  She'll be on the trail with the teams.  She's covered the race for several years previously and her experience with the race and personal familiarity with the mushers and their dogs is starting to make for some really interesting reporting.

Those who enjoyed last year's photographs and videos from the Quest media team will probably be interested in this project by two of its members, Scott Chesney and Mark Gillette, who are covering the race independently this year and will be producing - you got it - photos and videos.

You may have noticed a blogroll on the right-hand side of this page.  I'm in the process of updating it, with a focus on the kennels of people who are campaigning their dogs in distance races in the north (Alaska, Yukon, etc.).

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