Some handy calculators for race fans

I keep thinking I need to put together some useful calculators for race managers, numbers guys, etc., since it turns out that so many of them are doing those by hand.  But there are also calculators that might be useful for race fans who are trying to do some analysis of what they're seeing on the trail.  Here are a few links:

  • has a really handy set of calculators to help you find the differences between times and dates, add and subtract times and dates, etc.  There are timezone converters (handy for international races like the Yukon Quest) and sunrise/sunset calculators.  It's great for calculating runtimes between checkpoints, etc.
  • I love GPS Visualizer.  Not only does it have handy mapping tools (for example, you can upload a GPS track and they'll show it on a much wider range of mapping options than Google Earth), it also has handy geographic calculators and can convert GPS data between a nice variety of formats
  • Jeff Boulter's GPS coordinate distance calculator at his geocaching website is also very nice, and has a clean, uncluttered interface.
  • There's a reasonable speed and pace calculator here, oriented towards runners.  The top two calculators are the ones you'll find useful.
I think this is a pretty good start for people who are wanting to work though race data, trying to figure out expected arrival times at checkpoints, etc.

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