Monday, December 3, 2012

They're back! But this time they're self-funded

According to this article by Helen Hegener, Mark Gillette and Scott Chesney are going to be back this year, providing video and photographs from the Yukon Quest trail.  They did an exceptional job last year and provided an excellent example of what's possible with cheap GoPro cameras if you've got some skill and some talent.

For example, video from the start:

A wrap-up of moments large and small from the race:

and definitely take a look at their photos on Facebook, and on Flickr if you don't use Facebook (the Facebook albums are more complete).

However, this year they're self-funded (that is to say, unlike last year they are not getting financial support from the Quest organization), and in addition to the videos and photographs they'll be producing they're also going to be publishing a high-quality coffee-table book with images from the race.  They're using a community-funding model to help support what they're doing, and providing incentives at differing funding levels.  That is to say, they're asking for your help, but you get something in return for your support.  For example, for $50 or more you get a copy of the book, while at $150 you get an autographed copy of the book along with an opportunity to spend time with one of several very popular Quest mushers.  For $500 you get a copy of the book and participation in a post-race photographic workshop.  The Kickstarter link to help fund their effort is here.

I think for a lot of us who love this race, it's not just that it's an exciting sporting event but that we care about the people and dogs who run it and that we know that there are stories coming from the trail that are dramatic, funny, moving, and engaging.  Scott and Mark are going to be bringing those stories in from the trail through pictures and video.  If you care about the race I think this is one way to support it.

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