Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress on antacids

The Finnmarksløpet, which has had some issues around dog care (see Dave King's article in the May/June 2012 issue of Mushing magazine), just released the happy news that they're now allowing the use of antacids (famotidine and omeprazole) on dogs running the race.  They've been using the IFSS's banned substances list, which excluded those life-saving treatments (as well as others).  This became an issue when the IFSS tried to have a distance world championship race in Alaska next month and was turned away because of that list.
This comes in conjunction with the IFSS's revision of their banned substances list, released a few weeks ago.  Much of this is driven by the IFSS's desire to see dog mushing recognized as an Olympic sport, which we continue to think is asinine, but as long as they're doing no harm (and their previous banned substances list did do harm), it's their business.

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