Friday, May 3, 2013

Cody Strathe writing for Mushing

Cody Strathe of Dogpaddle Designs just announced on Facebook that he'll be writing a regular column for Mushing Magazine.  This is excellent news.  There are people out there building decent sleds and there are fewer people out there innovating in dogsled design, but Cody's one of the few doing really innovative work and has a business selling sleds.  Top-quality, highly-regarded sleds being driven by people who are kind of hard on their gear and/or put huge miles on their sleds on tough terrain.  And while some of the innovative work in sled building by distance mushers can be a little gimmicky (for example, heated driving bow) Cody's been trying new materials and new construction techniques and having excellent results.  Check out this video, where he's taking a new sled for a test run:

I've been really interested in his ideas about building flexibility into a sled while retaining strength and structure.  His column should be a very good one.  He's also looking for suggestions for topics, so if you've got one, drop a note at the Dogpaddle Designs Facebook page.

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