Friday, January 31, 2014

2012, from the start to Two Rivers

Here's a quick summary of times from the start to Two Rivers in 2012:

Times ranged from 7:15 (7 hours and 15 minutes) to 12:51, with speeds from 5.6mph to 9.93mph.  The fastest time was Hugh Neff's.  I would not expect times tomorrow to be quite as fast, given trail conditions.  The average (mean) time was 10:01:49, but the distribution was skewed and the median time was 10:50 (average speed 7.4 and a median speed of 6.65).

Here's a histogram of the speeds:

As you can see, most of the speeds were clustered around the lower end of the scale, but a few speedsters pulled the average up.

Here's a complete table of the average speeds from the start to Two Rivers:

Musher NameSpeed
Kyla Durham5.6
Jason Weitzel5.95
Misha Pedersen6.07
Maren Bradley6.12
Abbie West6.23
Paige Drobny6.3
Allen Moore6.38
Brian Wilmshurst6.42
Michael Telpin6.43
Mike Ellis6.49
Joar Leifseth Ulsom6.65
Sonny Lindner6.24
Brent Sass7.13
Yuka Honda7.32
Nikolay Ettyne7.59
Marcelle Fressineau8.45
Trent Herbst8.71
Jake Berkowitz8.8
David Dalton9.27
Gus Guenther9.33
Lance Mackey9.6
Kristy Berington9.8
Hugh Neff9.93

Returning mushers (in order of speed) are Hugh Neff, Dave Dalton, Brent Sass, Mike Ellis, Brian Wilmshurst, and Allen Moore.

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