Saturday, February 22, 2014

Answering a question with the new Iditarod tracker

Today, someone asked what time Conway got into Yentna.  So, how do you answer that question with the Iditarod tracker analytics?  Well, the best you can do is to take a look at what time his speed fell to 0mph.  Because there is no plot showing mile location against time (or time against miles), you can't say "Checkpoint <abc> is at mile 128 and Musher <def> was at mile 128 at 4:20, so Musher <def> arrived at <abc> at 4:20.  Instead, you can make inferences from speed.  And, in fact, the standings say he got in at 3:56.

Another possibility for figuring out when he got in is to use the replay.  They don't allow you to control the speed of the replay and wow, that's going to suck a lot when the race gets longer and you've got over 60 teams on the trail, but if you drag the slider you can do it manually.

[Another UX problem - that legend on top of the curves is really annoying!]

1 comment:

  1. How do you sort the leader board?
    It would be nice, when point at a flag, that the name would show, and how many minutes ago this position was taken.
    I noticed, that the positions do not automaticly reposition themselves, when the count down clock hits zero.
    I also miss the history positions map, of each musher, that trackleaders provide. This often tells a story of each musher.

    (using this account, to make my views known, because I don't have a facebook account.)