Friday, February 3, 2012


I said that I'd get around to posting links to good Quest-related blogs, so tonight I took a look at what's in my RSS reader and just groaned.  There's a *lot* out there.  Most of it tends to be mushers keeping fans and sponsors up-to-date on how training is going, what day-to-day life is like, and so on.  A lot of them are great, some are not, and I'm a little short on time.  So, instead I'm going to provide a link to a new blog from KUAC reporter Emily Schwing.  It's KUAC's Yukon Quest Coverage.

This one's a little different because it's by someone who's writing about the race and about the mushers, but not as a musher.  She's a journalist and I think provides the best reporting and "color" coverage out there, and it's all original content.  While the KUAC blog is new she covered the race last year at her own blog, "Current Resonance."  With the race starting in 12 hours (ack!) this might be a great time to take a look at her posts from last year for a reminder of how things went.  It might jigger your expectations for this year a little.

Basically, I think that if there's one blog to follow during the race (on top of the Quest website, the Trackleaders website, the Facebook Quest page, the mushers' Facebook pages ... ), this would definitely be the one.

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