Friday, February 3, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3

Fairbanks is definitely amped up for the Quest start.  There seems to be more visibility, more fans, more everything this year than in the past.  This morning on an oldies radio station they did a lead-in to I-don't-remember-what with "We've harnessed and ready to run our champion string of classic rock hits."

I just took a look at the Quest page at, where they had a scrolling window showing updates as they arrive:

Looks like there's been some testing going on and they're nearly ready to roll.  I was hoping that Trackleaders would soup up the interface to the race flow plot so that we could select which teams to show, but even with the display limited to the frontrunners it's going to be an incredibly interesting source of information about what's happening on the trail.

One heads-up: I think that the "Native Chukchi)" in the musher listing on is pretty clearly Michael Telpin.

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